Top 20 Buffyverse Characters

11. Xander Harris


Always the jokester and the one without any powers, Xander has his ups and downs throughout Buffy. You might not always agree with his actions, but as one of the show’s Core Four we got to know him extremely well over the seven seasons.


10. Cordelia Chase


Cordelia underwent one of the Buffyverse’s signature extreme character arcs over Buffy and Angel. Beginning as the sharp-tongued cheerleader, Cordy became a hero in her own right over time. Shame Angel season four did its best to mess the character up.


9. Angel


In Buffy, Angel didn’t really get a chance to prove himself other than being the undead object of Buffy’s affections. In his own spin-off show, however, Angel was able to be fleshed out into a tragic hero. Plus, his evil alter ego Angellus is just so deliciously cruel.


8. Anya Jenkins


Just about everyone on Buffy brought the funny, but Anya might just have been the most reliably hilarious character, with her blunt way of speaking. The ex-demons misunderstanding of people was played brilliantly for drama, too – i.e. her tear-jerking speech in ‘The Body.’


7. Rupert Giles


Now we’re getting to the characters it’s hard to differentiate between. Starting as an uber-stuffy librarian, Buffy’s Watcher Giles becomes a father figure for the Scooby Gang and proved his own awesomeness wasn’t just limited to stacking books on numerous occasions.



6 thoughts on “Top 20 Buffyverse Characters

  1. This would be my top 3 as well. Without Spike there’s no point to Buffy. They needed this character to provide the sarcasm and the relatable outcast role. Willow throughout all seasons is the other o so important relatable character that shows change is not even possible, but good. Strive to always be yourself. And Buffy makes everything possible. She goes through every human emotion possible and always comes out on top. In one awesome word: Empowerment

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  2. The first time I saw Buffy (back then in 2000’s) I really didn’t pay attention to the characters development… today I just have ended my binge watching Buffy time, and I really am stupefact about how great every single character is by his own right… Obiously there is someones greater than others, but still, you can see how everyone puts their effort to create an enyojable series (yes, even Andrew)

    Now I have ended it again, and I can feel how Willow and Spike really grows; its a shame that they just put aside Faith, she is very interesting character too; btw, I have to say that Spike really get me, for moments even I felt in love of him ha ha ha ha

    Great top!


    1. Totally agree! Every character undergoes a massive development across the show. Yeah, Willow and Spike are the best because they begin as completely different people from where they end up. Haha you have to love Spike! More from Faith would have been great, too.



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