Top 20 Buffyverse Characters

16. Andrew Wells


Let’s face it, Andrew was a rubbish villain when he was part of season six’s little bads The Trio. When he turned over a new leaf and joined the Scoobies in season seven, however, the awkward comic book geek became the shining light in a generally gloomy run.


15. Illyria


It’s such a shame that Angel ended just when it was really flying on all cylinders. Part of this is to do with the creation of Illyria, a new character for Amy Acker very different from the lovely Fred. An all-powerful god ‘infected’ with humanity, we should have got to know her a lot better.


14. Tara Maclay


Willow and Tara’s relationship is rightly remembered as a groundbreaking move for the show, but we shouldn’t forget Tara as a character in her own right. Though less flashy and scene-stealing than many of her co-stars, Tara was an endearing, quietly funny soul.


13. Lorne


While Buffy generally presented demons as, well, demonic, Angel challenged this prejudice – chiefly by introducing showtune-loving good guy Lorne. Not often the focus of the show, Lorne was nonetheless always on hand to offer a witty barb or hilarious one-liner.


12. Daniel ‘Oz’ Osbourne


Though he didn’t say much, the stoic Oz would always get the best lines when he did – be they great one-liners or some heartbreaking admission. His werewolf affliction was a little bit of a heavy-handed metaphor (all men have a beast inside them) but we loved him anyway.



6 thoughts on “Top 20 Buffyverse Characters

  1. This would be my top 3 as well. Without Spike there’s no point to Buffy. They needed this character to provide the sarcasm and the relatable outcast role. Willow throughout all seasons is the other o so important relatable character that shows change is not even possible, but good. Strive to always be yourself. And Buffy makes everything possible. She goes through every human emotion possible and always comes out on top. In one awesome word: Empowerment

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  2. The first time I saw Buffy (back then in 2000’s) I really didn’t pay attention to the characters development… today I just have ended my binge watching Buffy time, and I really am stupefact about how great every single character is by his own right… Obiously there is someones greater than others, but still, you can see how everyone puts their effort to create an enyojable series (yes, even Andrew)

    Now I have ended it again, and I can feel how Willow and Spike really grows; its a shame that they just put aside Faith, she is very interesting character too; btw, I have to say that Spike really get me, for moments even I felt in love of him ha ha ha ha

    Great top!


    1. Totally agree! Every character undergoes a massive development across the show. Yeah, Willow and Spike are the best because they begin as completely different people from where they end up. Haha you have to love Spike! More from Faith would have been great, too.



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