The Simpsons’ 30 Greatest Treehouse of Horror Segments

5. Citizen Kang, ToH VII


Kang and Kodos take the place of both participants of the 1996 presidential election. The political climate might date this one, but the jokes are still as sharp as ever.


4. Time and Punishment, ToH V


Homer and his time-travelling toaster accidentally change the entire fabric of human history multiple times in this fantastic segment. The highlight is the Flander-controlled dystopia.


3. Bart Simpson’s Dracula, ToH IV


A pitch-perfect parody of Dracula and vampire lore in general, with Mr Burns naturally cast as the bloodsucking count. An outstanding blend of laughs and atmosphere.


2. The Devil and Homer Simpson, ToH IV


Homer sells his soul to the Devil, who looks like Ned Flanders (“It’s always the one you least suspect”), in this iconic installment. In fact, only one other segment beats it…


1. The Shinning, ToH V


Despite only being six minutes long, this spoof of Kubricks’ The Shining is a paragon of movie parodies. There are iconic lines and laughs aplenty but it also captures something of the unsettling spirit of the original.

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