The Simpsons’ 30 Greatest Treehouse of Horror Segments

15. King Homer, ToH III


A great Simpson-ised version of King Kong, with Homer perfectly cast as a giant stupid ape. A nice touch is that it’s entirely in black and white (a motif later ToHs would also take up).


14. Lisa’s Nightmare, ToH II


The Simpsons find a cursed monkey’s paw that grants their wishes – but not exactly as they wanted. It’s an old storyline played fairly straight, sure, but it’s well done nonetheless.


13. Dial Z For Zombies, ToH III


Bart and Lisa accidentally reawaken the dead in the first – and still the best – of many zombie-themed Treehouse of Horror segments. “Dad, you killed zombie Flanders!” “He was a zombie?”


12. Hungry Are The Damned, Treehouse of Horror


Only the second ToH segment ever, it’s also the first appearance of Kang and his sister Kodos. A hilarious and clever spin on ‘To Serve Man’ from, again, The Twilight Zone. 


11. The Thing and I, ToH VII


Bart discovers that he has a warped identical twin, Hugo, living in the attic. Hugo is a pretty creepy creation and full of great lines – “Well, perhaps we’re all a little crazy. I know I am.”



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