The Simpsons’ 30 Greatest Treehouse of Horror Segments

10. Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace, ToH VI


Groundskeeper Willie’s ghost kills the kids of Springfield in their dreams. The nightmare deaths are really ingenious and Willie makes for an eerie Freddy Krueger stand-in.


9. The Raven, Treehouse of Horror


A very different one this. Consisting of James Earl Jones narrating Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven to some comedy antics of Homer being haunted by a Bart-like bird. Classy and funny.


8. Nightmare Cafeteria, ToH V


Principal Skinner and the faculty serve up kids for school dinners in a gleefully gory installment from the joint most consistent Treehouse of Horror episode ever. The other being…


7. Terror At 5 1/2 Feet, ToH IV


… This one! Another Twilight Zone parody, as the school bus is attacked by a gremlin only Bart can see. It’s just textbook ToH – very funny yet also surprisingly eerie and tense too.


6. Clown Without Pity, ToH III


Ala the ‘Living Doll’ episode of – you got it – The Twilight Zone, a Krusty doll tries to murder Homer (plus the toaster’s been laughing at him). A terrific, highly quotable, installment.



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