The Simpsons’ 30 Greatest Treehouse of Horror Segments

25. Send In The Clones, ToH XIII


Homer creates multiple clones of himself to make life easier. A must-see if you like watching Homer getting into pratfalls – cos this time he really dies (over and over and over).


24. House of Whacks, ToH XII


Pierce Brosnan (still James Bond at the time) gives a hilarious guest performance as a sentient house with a murderous infatuation with Marge. “Mmm, unexplained bacon…”


23. The Homega Man, ToH VIII


As is obvious from the pun-tastic title, this parodies The Omega Man as Homer is the last living person in Springfield after a nuclear blast. Not including the cannibalistic mutants, of course…


22. Attack of The 50-Foot Eyesores, ToH VI


Giant advertising mascots come to life in this barmy Godzilla-type spoof. There are some great jokes, plus a large dollop of satire at the expense of the advertising industry.


21. Bart’s Nightmare, ToH II


Bart with the telepathic powers of a god is a terrifying prospect and this segment delivers on that in spades. A spot-on spoof of The Twilight Zone‘s ‘It’s A Good Life.’



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