Review: Supergirl 2×04 – Survivors

Supergirl has some important things to say this week, but it still makes for a so-so – if still enjoyable – episode. 


Supergirl reaches the apparently obligatory ‘monster fight club’ episode that every genre show seems to have (e.g. Angel, Torchwood, Smallville ETC). Such a stock plot doesn’t really make for a standout installment, then, but there was still stuff to enjoy this week.

Chiefly, Supergirl continues to mine its newfound interest in portraying aliens as an allegory for immigrants and minority groups. Dichen Lachman didn’t get too much to do as fight club organiser Roulette apart from stand around looking glamorous, but her character was used as an interesting mouthpiece for how society can view immigrants as less than people. Seeing as she got out of jail at the episode’s close, it seems a cert that the character will return at some point. But who is her mystery benefactor? Lena Luthor? Cadmus?

The bulk of ‘Survivors’, though, was about the regulars interacting with the three Ms – M’Gann M’orss, Mon-El and Maggie Sawyer. First up, we had J’onn trying to get closer to M’Gann – known as Miss Martian in the ring – as they are the last of their species. Right now, Sharon Leal’s character hasn’t got the chance to become an interesting character in her own right. On the other hand, the climactic reveal that she is in fact a White Martian should have some dramatic repercussions down the road.


Someone who did get a little bit more characterisation this week was Mon-El, who started to form a bond with both Kara and Winn. A Kara/Mon romance is so heavily signposted I’m not too involved in it at the moment, but the scene where he goes on a bender with Winn was the comic highlight of the episode. It’s great that Winn is at the DEO now, but it’s nice to see Jeremy Jordan get to stretch his legs now and again.

Overall, this was a solid episode that was better for small moments (“Don’t make me do the pout”) than it was for diverting storytelling. Not bad at all, just so-so.



  • Still not fond of Snapper. I understand that Kara has lots of learn about being a journalist, but the scenes where he endlessly, er, snaps at her are getting repetitive.
  • I only realised when it came to writing this review that James was entirely absent this week. Read into that what you will…
  • Maggie and Alex also seemed to be getting closer, only for it to be revealed that Maggie has a girlfriend (though it’s probably not Kate Kane).





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