FF’s 10 Most Popular Reviews of 2016

We have reviewed a lot of film and TV this year for your reading pleasure. Let’s see what our most viewed reviews of the year were… 


10. Arrow: Invasion!


First up, Arrow‘s 100th ever episode came slap bang in the middle of the mega four-way Heroes vs Aliens crossover event. We called the episode – which saw Oliver and company trapped in a dream world – “near perfect.” “As the second/third part in an unfolding crossover story, it left something to be desired,” we admitted. “But as a celebration of Arrow, it 100% hit the target.”


9. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them


The much-anticipated Harry Potter spin-off movie series kicked off this year and entertained millions around the globe. We, however, had mixed feelings about it. It’s fun and it looks great,” we summed up. “But it is more interested in setting up sequels than telling a fulfilling story in its own right.”


8. The Flash: Shade


Episode six of season three of The Flash was a big, incident-filled episode, but we had some reservations. “It’s typical, isn’t it? You wait a quarter of a season for the big reveals to happen and they turn up all at once,” we said. “While that meant this episode of The Flash leaves us with lots to chew on, then, it made for a bit of bloated and slightly disjointed episode.”


7. Supergirl: Crossfire


Season two episode five of Supergirl was a pretty run-of-the-mill episode that simply kept all the plot strands ticking over. Still, a lot of you paid attention to our review nonetheless. “If you overlook the naff villains,” we thought. “This week’s Supergirl does a lot of good work with various characters’ subplots.”


6. Supergirl: Changing


The following episode of Supergirl was an important one, as it dealt with Kara’s sister Alex coming out. We, and presumably our readers, were fans. “This was another strong episode for themes – as Alex, Mon and James all accepted parts of themselves they had kept buried – and Alex’s storyline demonstrated some surprising emotional maturity and depth.”



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