FF’s 10 Most Popular Reviews of 2016

5. Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


Doctor Who returned this Christmas after a whole year away, with a fun pastiche of the Superman legend. “‘The Return of Doctor Mysterio’ delivered a classic slice of seasonal, superpowered entertainment,” we surmised. “Guaranteed to entertain fans of both Who‘s lighter-hearted Christmas specials and old-fashioned superhero movies.”


4. Doctor Strange


Marvel’s second movie of the year introduced magic and mysticism into the MCU – and did it splendidly. “Doctor Strange is yet another solidly enjoyable (and surprisingly funny in places) Marvel movie,” so said us. “One that will be primarily remembered for its fantastic cinematography and for introducing an exciting new superhero into the fold.”


3. Marvel’s Luke Cage


The House of Ideas’ latest Netflix drama Luke Cage was yet another critical smash. While there were a couple of niggles, we were thoroughly impressed: “The cast is brilliant… and the writing brilliantly blends superhero shenanigans and social commentary. There are a couple of missed hits, then, but Luke Cage definitely packs a powerful punch.”


2. Westworld


Sci-fi/western head-scratcher Westworld might be our TV pick of the year, so we are glad our readers enjoyed reading our thoughts on it. We thought the HBO series – starring Anthony Hopkins, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood – “is deftly written in every area” and “takes a more cerebral modern approach” to “the complexities of artificial intelligence.”


1. Stranger Things


Our most popular review of 2016, however, was Netflix’s instant sensation Spielbergian 80s-set sci-fi series Stranger Things. We called it “perfectly formed at a tight eight episodes” with a “terrific bunch of characters.” Overall, it’s “a glorious celebration of the science fiction of the era that also manages to stand on its own.”

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