Miles Morales to Star in Spider-Man Animated Movie

The Ultimate Spider-Man will at last make it to the big-screen in Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie…


Here’s the news from the horse’s mouth:

The movie is definitely in safe hands with Phil Lord and Chris Miller as they are the hottest directors of animated movies around at the moment – after helming the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs franchise and the smash-hit The LEGO Movie. They will break into live-action next year with the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology movie.

In case you don’t know, Miles Morales is a 15-year-old half-black/half-Hispanic teen who took up the mantle of Spider-Man after Peter Parker died (in the Ultimate universe, at least). Fans have been crying out for him to make it to the movies forever, and at last Sony have granted their wish.

Previously, Donald Glover voiced Miles in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon show, after campaigning for the role in live-action. Seeing as he has been cast in an unknown part in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it is unlikely that he will reprise his role for his movie.

All we know for certain is that it is pencilled in for a December 21st 2018 release date.

2 thoughts on “Miles Morales to Star in Spider-Man Animated Movie

  1. Oh now this could be very good. Marvel havnt had much luck with their animated movies. DC seems to own the animated field. With Lord and Miller attached i have a lot of faith for this.
    I wonder if they’ll do origin, I know it would be the first time but part of me hopes they dont. I’m all for flashbacks but i’d love a post origin storyline.
    Would be nice if Donald Glover could reprise but as he’s in the disney machine with the Ultimate TV show, the unknown role in homecoming and the upcoming ‘Solo’ movie I doubt Sony will approach him. That being said, Lord and Miller might be able to pull it off considering they’ll all be working on Han Solo together.
    It does have the feeling of Sony being desperate to hold onto as much of Spiderman as they can, maybe the think animation will be more successful. They could be right, atleast it will be away from the interfearing live action execs that ‘may or may not’ have ruined amazing spiderman 2


    1. Yeah, that’s a good point. Hopefully Marvel will carry on after this one. A non-origin story would be nice, as it isn’t too different from Peter Parker’s in the grand scheme of things.

      I didn’t think of the Han Solo connection, on the one hand that could make Glover taking the role more likely. But, as you say, he is hugely busy doing other stuff so he might not.

      Yeah, it’s an interesting, unusual idea. That’s true – though they might be hoping for a Spidey Animated Cinematic Universe as well…


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