Doctor Who: 15 Actors Who Could Be The Next Doctor

5. Damien Molony


The Irish actor excelled at playing a tragicomical immortal character in Being Human, and would so would be a natural at portraying the ancient-yet-young-looking Time Lord.


4. Andrew Scott


We might know him best as supervillain Jim Moriarty on Sherlock but Andrew Scott deserves a chance to play the good guy for a change, as he is such a loveable, charismatic performer.


3. David Harewood


Currently seen as Martian Manhunter in SupergirlDavid Harewood is a hugely dependable actor and would no doubt pull off playing another heroic alien in Doctor Who. pi


2. Ben Whishaw


The current odds-on favourite to play the Thirteenth Doctor is James Bond star Ben Whishaw. His role as Q shows just how brilliant he can be when playing an awkward genius.


1. Hayley Atwell


The call for a female Doctor is at an all-time high right now. With that in mind, there is no better candidate for the Thirteenth Doctor than Marvel’s Hayley Atwell. She’s British, brilliant and we already know she can play a super-smart, capable hero from her time as Peggy Carter.

BBC, the ball is in your court now…

6 thoughts on “Doctor Who: 15 Actors Who Could Be The Next Doctor

  1. Capaldi has been my least favourite doctor. His storylines have been mostly uninteresting. Far too much attention was paid to clara resulting in a poorly defined doctor. The upcoming season will a new assistant could showcase him more, the episodes without clara have been the strongest of capaldis tenure.

    I’m disappointed he’s leaving the role one year into introducing a new assistant and it gives the impression this new season isn’t going to be anything special.

    As to the list Damien Molony or Richard Madden would make likely sense to me. I think they’ll go young again with the new doctor but I think they should go older again.
    This is a throw back idea but how about Rowan Atkinson reprising the role after he done the comic relief sketch many MANY years ago.
    Oh or how about Philip Glennister now that would be a fun easter egg for thr Life of Mars fans who saw John Simm as the Master.

    I personally don’t care for the thought of going female with the doctor. It feels like stunt casting and once whomever gets the role is done with it we’ll go back to male doctor again. The only way it would work is if someone really wanted it and the script was ridiculously strong. Hayley Atwell is a perfect choice but I’m fearful at the prospect the Internet will be sat in wait to tear every moment apart in some anti feminist madness

    It could however all be saved with a few more David Tennant seasons. Both him and Matt Smith had periods of time where they were gone from the time line of the story arc. Maybe these seasons could fill in the gaps.
    I’m really interested to see what happens with the regeneration, how are they going to explain this one.


    1. I mostly agree with you there. I’m a big fan of Capaldi as an actor but I don’t think most of the scripts have measured up to his ability. And yes, far too much focus on Clara.

      Good choices. I love the Rowan Atkinson spoof so he would be fun to see, Phillip Glenister would be good too actually.

      That’s fair enough. Personally I’m not crying out for it but I’m not totally against it either. I do agree with you though that I’m worried that they would only make him a woman because of pressure from vocal internet groups. Hopefully it would be because they had simply found an amazing actress.

      Prequel seasons would be a fun idea. I also think people would get behind that now, after the Star Wars movies have already jumped around the timeline. Maybe a season with Paul McGann’s Doctor too!

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      1. Oh that’s an incredible shout. Yes we need some Paul mcgann stuff. I loved his mini ep before the 50th anniversary. I’d love if they done that!

        Capaldi is amazing, I was so pleased when he got the role but hes been totally underused.

        The female doctor is just begging to be attacked. I wouldn’t care either way but I’d fear for the show. I want it to take risks but I’m clouded by the quality of stories from the past few seasons.
        Maybe a female lead would bring a more creative slew of stories. It’s a risk in an age where the Internet rules fandom and is often a horrid place to be. I’ll trust the creative team know what they’re doing… im happy to sit back and speculate


      2. It would be amazing. Don’t think it would happen sadly, but we can dream!

        It would get a big backlash, but I think the show could weather it. If it was a total failure then, as cruel to the actress as it might be, they could always get a new Doctor after a single season.

        I’d like to think it would give the show a shot in the arm. There is a new showrunner taking over so the show should be getting that anyway, though.

        Yeah, I think we have to trust the new guy Chris Chibnall and his team. I personally think every Doctor ever has been a great bit of casting – the problems with them stem from the writing.

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      3. I think the upcoming season will be very interesting. I suppose the regeneration ep will be another Christmas special. I can get behind that. A fresh assistant and a fresh approach will make for a good show… we hope.

        When it comes to the female doctor I think it would be a good idea to not only have a new assistant but to have a new showrunner as well. If the next doctor runs out the next tenure of writers I think bu let’s say 2021 we could smoothly see a perfect transition much like matt smith had. He got the best arc of all the doctors so far and a fantastic assistant arc.

        Totally want to start rewatching from Eccleston again!


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