Reviewing Smallville (Season Six)

We take a look at the DC-heavy sixth season of Smallville. Does it soar to new heights or fall flat on its face?


Synopsis: Things are tougher than ever for Clark Kent, as Zod is let loose on the world with convicts from the Phantom Zone escaping across the globe. Luckily, he has some new allies to help him: billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, with his team of justice-seeking superheroes, and Chloe’s boyfriend and aspiring photographer Jimmy Olsen. Meanwhile, Lex and Lana grow closer and closer….


Episode breakdown:

1. Zod

Wow! What more could you want from a Smallville season opener? Lots of DC stuff – Zod, Phantom Zone, Jimmy Olsen, the ‘S’ symbol – and great character moments – e.g. a sweet Clark and Lois scene. 9.5/10

2. Sneeze

Clark has to save Lex from a kidnapping while he is suffering from the super-sniffles. Meanwhile, Lois gets the journalism bug and Oliver Queen AKA Green Arrow shows up! 8/10

3. Wither

Apart from the stuff with Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen and the Phantom Zone escapee, this soap opera-y tale of an evil plant lady could have come straight out of season one. 7.5/10

4. Arrow

The new comic book-infused Smallville continues as Green Arrow appears in costume for the first time. Oliver’s and Lois’s romance is a fun test-run for her relationship with Clark. 8.5/10

5. Reunion

A reunion at Lex and Oliver’s old prep school unearths a dark episode from their past. Not quite as strong as the usual high-quality Lex episodes but still good. Back to meteor freaks, though.

6. Fallout

For an episode that furthered this year’s story arc, this was good if a little plodding. In particular, it was tough to care about Raya – a fellow Kryptonian – when we knew her so little. 8/10





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