16 Greatest Superhero Couples in Comic Book History

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! To mark the occasion, here are the best superhero couples in comic book history…


16. Scarlet Witch and Vision


Powerful mutant Scarlet Witch and reformed android Vision have one of the most unlikely and dysfunctional romances in all of Marvel comics – but it’s also one of the most memorable.


15. Black Bolt and Medusa


The heads of the Inhuman royal family, the silent Black Bolt and the fiery Medusa have a deep personal connection that means they are able to get past the lack of verbal communication.


14. Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer


One of the more recent relationships on this list, Kate Kane AKA Batwoman and cop Maggie Sawyer are one of the most prominent lesbian couples in DC comics (though not without controversy).


13. The Flash and Iris West-Allen


The destinies of Barry Allen and Iris West have been tied together since the 1950s and the couple – who later married – are the start of a long dynasty of speedsters.




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