Ranking Every Batman Movie Villain Ever

Joker (Jack Nicholson) – Batman


Before Heath Ledger won an Oscar, Jack Nicholson redefined the Joker as a psychopathic force of nature. Make no mistake: Nicholson’s Joker is 100% the star of Batman. He even gets top billing in the credits.


Catwoman (Pfeiffer)


Michelle Pfeiffer gave a simply mesmerizing performance as Catwoman. A mirror of Batman himself. Selina was hanging onto her sanity by a thread – but not even her connection to Bruce could pull her back from the edge.


Joker (Ledger)


Who else could be at number one? No other actor on this list disappeared into the role so completely as Ledger did his take on the Joker – a character wholly different from the normal iteration of the character but still in keeping with his core characteristics.


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