Ranking Every Hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

 Iron Fist

The immortal Iron Fist should have been an awesome addition to Marvel’s Netflix line-up but his debut was a bumpy road. There is a lot of promise for the character, however, so we eagerly await to see how he fits in with the rest of The Defenders.


Phil Coulson and the Agents of SHIELD


After becoming a fan favourite character in the movies before leading his own TV show, we think Phil Coulson has earned the label of hero. His team on Agents of SHIELD are also fun, including Inhuman Daisy ‘Skye’ Johnson.




Sam Wilson AKA Falcon is a strong, dependable Avenger. He’s not the flashiest or the quippiest, but we’re glad he’s there. Civil War is his best appearance yet, as he gets to be a proper member of the team and has some fun upgrades to his skillset.




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