Ranking Every Hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Luke Cage


Mike Colter’s man with unbreakable skin made a strong debut in Jessica Jones, but he was even better in his own solo show. Without a costume or supehero name, Luke Cage is Marvel’s most authentic street-level hero.




People scoffed at the idea of an Ant-Man movie at first but Paul Rudd ensures that the miniature man gets our affection. His giddy excitement at working with his childhood hero is the comic highlight of Civil War. 


Doctor Strange


Marvel’s latest hero is Doctor Stephen Strange. Iron Man-like in his arrogance and ego, his power set is all-new which makes him great to watch. We can’t wait to see how his role grows in the MCU going forward.


Guardians of the Galaxy


The surprise stars of the MCU, the Guardians are Marvel’s most unlikeliest heroes, but that’s what makes them so great. Before seeing the film, you wouldn’t have thought that a team including a sarcastic raccoon and a loveable tree person could work so well.




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