Ranking Every Hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe



Just pipping her to the post, though, is Jessica’s soon to be fellow Defender Daredevil. A classic vigilante trying to protect his city, Daredevil is raised above the pack thanks to some amazing writing and a strong turn from Charlie Cox.


Iron Man


Robert Downey Jr just is Tony Stark, the arrogant genius who you can’t help but love. So pitch perfect is his interpretation of the character, he is both the father and the public face of the MCU. Marvel will have a hard time replacing Iron Man/Downey when he eventually bows out.


Captain America


Yup, we’re Team Cap here. Thanks to some canny storytelling and Chris Evan’s really solid performance, Marvel have managed to turn what could have been an unremarkable and old-fashioned good guy into the Avenger with the most high quality movie series. If you haven’t already, go watch Civil War now!


Soon to come: Captain Marvel, Wasp, Inhumans and many more.


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