Review: Supergirl – 2×22 – Nevertheless, She Persisted

Supergirl proves herself stronger than Superman in the action-packed season two finale…


Supergirl’s second season has been a frustrating mix of some really good stuff and some not so good stuff. True to form, the season finale is a bit of both but I found the good side to win out in the end. Yes, there were issues to be had, but its sense of excitement was infectious.

For instance, the staggering number of characters rolling around this episode made it feel extra special, even if many of them were underused. It was naturally fantastic to have Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman back. Controversially, he took a back seat and let Kara be “the champion of Earth” as he admitted that she was stronger than him. This was a great move for the show itself but is sure to annoy fans of the wider Superman mythology. Also, Cat Grant was on hand to give a couple more of her inspiring feminist speeches. Not to mention revealing (to the audience) that she has known Kara is Supergirl all along!

On the other hand, James is reduced to literally a walk-on cameo and Miss Martian’s return is a complete waste. As I said earlier in the season, it’s a shame that Supergirl has taken such a weird approach to the character as a more comic book accurate uncle/niece relationship between J’onn and M’Gann would have been much more satisfying than their underdeveloped romance. Oh, after a lot of hype for his appearance this episode, General Zod only appears for a few seconds in Supes’ hallucinations. Still, it was fun to see such an iconic character pop up.

Under the weight of this huge cast, the plot of the episode naturally suffered as it seemed to emphasise the wrong parts – as fun as it is having Teri Hatcher on the show, Rhea isn’t the most layered villain and her screentime could have been given to other characters. However, things came together in the third act when Kara and Mon-El were split apart in order to save the world. As always, Mellisa Benoist and Chris Wood were terrific in this scene and, though I have no doubt that Mon will return next season, the pair really pulled at your heartstrings.

All in all, ‘Nevertheless, She Persisted’ doesn’t do much to wrap up this season’s ongoing plot threads – what’s the deal with Cadmus? Where did National City’s anti-alien hysteria go? – which sadly leaves season two lacking a clear direction. On its own terms, though, ‘Nevertheless She Persisted’ is an action-packed episode with an emotional ending.



  • This episode had yet another callback to SmallvilleSilver Kryptonite originated in Smallville‘s fifth season. Just like here, it caused Clark Kent to severely hallucinate.
  • If you’re interested, Supergirl is said to be able to metabolise solar energy quicker than Superman in the comics. This could be the reason for how she beats her cousin here. Though he might stronger in strength, he would tire easier than her.
  • What do you know? Another Kryptonian pod is heading to Earth! This time it’s a blood-eating baby raised by some creepy Kryptonian death-nuns. Looks like we’ve found our season three big bad…


For bringing the season to a close, it gets a 3 but as an individual episode, I’d give it a 4. All together, let’s say it’s…



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