Ranking The Top 20 Characters of Smallville

9. Lana Lang

Played by: Kristin Kreuk

Appearances: 161 episodes (regular – S1-7, recurring – S8)

Is there a Smallville character more divisive than Lana? Yes, her yo-yoing relationship with Clark went on for far too long but I don’t hate the character as some do as she has some decent storylines across her (admittedly overlong) time as a regular – not least her fascinating twisted marriage to Lex.


8. Oliver Queen

Played by: Justin Hartley

Appearances: 72 episodes (recurring – S6-7, regular – S8-10)

In Smallville, Clark Kent’s best superhero bud isn’t Batman but Green Arrow. Sometimes Ollie’s storylines grow stale – he should have got over Lois long before he did – but Justin Hartley nails the heroic billionaire playboy and is actually much closer to the comics than Stephen Amell’s version over on Arrow.


7. Jonathan Kent

Played by: John Schneider

Appearances: 117 episodes (regular – S1-5, recurring – S10)

A great joy of Smallville is that Clark has two wonderful parents behind him, as opposed to most superhero stories. With his adoptive father Jonathan, it is clear where Clark gets his strong moral fibre from. Even so, Jonathan is allowed to be a flawed human being sometimes. His death in season five’s ‘Reckoning’ is one of the show’s most significant moments.



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