Ranking The Top 20 Characters of Smallville

12. Davis Bloome

Played by: Sam Witwer

Appearances: 22 episodes (regular – S8)

Though we love Brainiac, he wasn’t the most layered of antagonists – his goal was simple: bring back Zod and destroy the world. Davis Bloome, on the other hand, was a real tragic character – a Jekyll/Hyde type who struggled to control his inner darkness. The Doomsday monster itself was a bit of a letdown by Sam Witwer was terrific as Bloome.


11. Tess Mercer

Played by: Cassidy Freeman

Appearances: 64 episodes (regular – S8-10)

Tess Mercer is a difficult character to rank. For seasons 8 and 9, she is a poor replacement for Lex Luthor but she really comes a long way in season 10. Her change of heart and role on Team Watchtower – not to mention the awesome reveal of her true lineage – really redeems her.


10. Justice League

Played by: Kyle Gallner (Impulse), Alan Ritchson (Aquaman), Lee Thompson Young (Cyborg), Phil Morris (Martian Manhunter), Alaina Huffman (Black Canary), Michael Shanks (Hawkman), Britt Irvin (Star Girl), Serinda Swann (Zatanna)

Appearances: Martian Manhunter – 11 episodes, Black Canary – 6 episodes, Impulse – 4 episodes, Aquaman – 4 episodes, Hawkman – 4 episodes, Star Girl – 4 episodes, Cyborg – 3 episodes, Zatanna – 2 episodes

Clark Kent’s super friends don’t appear in too many episodes, and some portrayals were better than others, but it was always exciting when the League turned up. Season six’s ‘Justice’ is one of the show’s best episodes and the introductions of new heroes over time were always a treat.



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