Ranking The Top 20 Characters of Smallville

18. Kara Kent

Played by: Laura Vandervoort

Appearances: 23 (regular – S7, guest – S8, recurring – S10)

Clark’s Kryptonian cousin Kara Kent is very much a ‘Cousin Oliver‘ type character and she was unfortunately tugged around by various plotlines during season seven. Still, Laura Vandervoort was likeable in the important role of Supergirl, even if she was underutilised.


17. Jimmy Olsen

Played by: Aaron Ashmore

Appearances: 53 episodes (recurring – S6, regular – S7-8, guest – S10)

Jimmy Olsen was a pretty charming guy for the most part, thanks to Aaron Ashmore’s performance, but like Kara he was often let down by some weird writing decisions (e.g. his random drug addiction). And we’re not even going to get into that final reveal…


16. Major Zod

Played by: Callum Blue

Appearances: 23 episodes (regular – S9, guest – S10)

Callum Blue had big Terence Stamp-sized shoes to fill in the role of General Zod but, generally speaking, he did pretty well. Zod is heavily built up throughout the show – he created Bizarro! His son is Doomsday! He destroyed Krypton! – so he made for a strong big bad for season 9.



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