Ranking The Top 20 Characters of Smallville

6. Martha Kent

Played by: Anette O’Toole

Appearances: 139 episodes (regular – S1-6, recurring – S9-10)

Martha Kent grows so much over the course of Smallville. Our first impression of her may be as a kindly farmer’s wife but she later has her intriguing relationship with Lionel and becomes a force for good in her own right as a US Senator. She was much missed in seasons 7 and 8.


5. Chloe Sullivan

Played by: Allison Mack

Appearances: 206 episodes (regular – S1-9, semi-regular – S10)

One of two major original Smallville characters, Chloe Sullivan grows a lot over the ten seasons – going from lovesick aspiring journalist to the Justice League’s Girl Friday to Oliver Queen’s wife. Allison Mack did a terrific job of making Chloe a believable person caught up in such a crazy world.


4. Clark Kent

Played by: Tom Welling

Appearances: 217 episodes (regular – S1-10)

Now, just because we’re naming Clark as the fourth best character on his own show doesn’t mean we don’t like him. In fact, Tom Welling is my personal favourite portrayal of the character since Christopher Reeve. Even if it somewhat stalls in the middle seasons, the heart of Smallville is Clark’s epic, mythical journey from boy to (Super)man.



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