Ranking The Top 20 Characters of Smallville

3. Lionel Luthor

Played by: John Glover

Appearances: 147 episodes (recurring – S1, regular – S2-7, recurring – S10)

… But certain other characters are just that bit more interesting. Like Lionel Luthor, for instance, Lex’s crooked father. Lionel is a fantastic villain for the show’s early years and his transition into a good guy and (third) father to Clark is brilliant too. John Glover is never less than electric in the role.


-1. Lois Lane

Played by: Erica Durance

Appearances: 141 episodes (recurring – S4, regular – S5-10)

Every Superman fan has their own favourite version of Lois Lane, and mine is Erica Durance. Smallville‘s Lois is feisty, funny and a force of nature and Durance is perfect casting. Her slow-building romance with Clark Kent is beautifully done and in the end she is made more important to the Superman legend than ever before.


-1. Lex Luthor

Played by: Michael Rosenbaum

Appearances: 156 episodes (regular – S1-7, guest – S10)

Likewise, Michael Rosenbaum is hands down the finest Lex Luthor the screen has ever seen. The first seven seasons of Smallville are every bit about the descent of a supervillain as much as they are the rise of a superhero. With some great writing and Rosenbaum’s always amazing performance, Lex is a sympathetic yet sinister anti-villain.

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