Comic Book Review: Action Comics #982

The Superman Revenge Squad finally launch their full-scale attack on Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in a fantastic issue of Action Comics…


This ‘Revenge’ arc has built up at a great pace over the past few issues, with the roster of Cyborg Superman’s Superman Revenge Squad growing each time. #981 was the biggest one yet, as Superman narrowly survived a tussle with some of the Squad – at the cost of his sight! In Action Comics #982, it all kicks off with Supes at his weakest, which makes this the most exciting as the stakes are so high.

With their goals aligned, the Squad decides to storm the Fortress of Solitude in order to get hold of its store of Kryptonian technology. Unfortunately, that’s where Superman is recuperating from his blindness with Lois and Jon. With six of his most dangerous foes out to get him and his family, Superman will have to fight them without revealing his weakness.

The first half mostly focuses on Clark’s loss of sight, Lois’ worries over it and the mystery of how it happened in the first place. Likewise, Jon is drawn away by a strange telepathic voice. These questions aren’t answered this issue, as the big fight finally kicks off in the second half. It would have been exciting anyway after so much build-up, but there’s also a clever, fresh angle to it with Supes having to best his opponents using his other senses. Unfortunately, it’s not enough and soon our hero is being pummelled by his enemies.

Thankfully, some help is on the way. As has been teased for the past couple of issues, some friends (and one former enemy) might just come to rescue Superman in his hour of need, in a brilliant cliffhanger. It’s never not going to be weird to see Lex Luthor leading the Superman family, though…

Action Comics never fails to deliver some awesome artwork lately and this issue is no exception. Jack Herbert and Jose Luis on pencils offer some tremendous work. With all the action to illustrate, the many colourful villains on show and the grandiose setting of the Fortress, this issue really is a feast for the eyes. There is some innovative panel work, too, such as the reveal of the Squad arriving at the Fortress via Kelex the android’s visor.

All in all, issue #982 has really set the bar high for next issue. It’s a nicely paced issue which builds to a blood-pumping finish with a great cliffhanger to boot. Terrific.



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