15 Best Ever Spider-Man Movie Moments

6. Harry’s Sacrifice – Spider-Man 3

The four-way final battle of Spider-Man 3 – with Spidey and Goblin Jr. on one side and Venom and Sandman on the other – is hugely exciting. And it all ends in tears with Harry’s heroic death.


5. Uncle Ben’s Death – Spider-Man

Still, the most emotional death in the Spider-Man franchise has to be the one that started it all – Uncle Ben’s senseless, needless murder which put Peter Parker on the path to heroism.


4. Every J.Jonah Jameson Moment – Spider-Man 1-3

J.K. Simmons’ J. Jonah Jameson is a true force of nature and he gives one of the most memorable performances in the whole superhero movie genre as the Daily Bugle mogul. Every scene he is in is a delight.



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