15 Best Ever Spider-Man Movie Moments

3. Upside-Down Kiss – Spider-Man

By far the most iconic Spider-Man movie moment ever is Peter and Mary Jane’s upside-down kiss. Along with Superman and Lois’ flight over Metropolis, it’s the most romantic superhero film scene in history.


2. “You’ve Got A Train To Catch!” – Spider-Man 2

From romance to rip-roaring action, the Spider-Man movies have it all. The franchise’s most edge-of-the-seat exciting set piece has to be Spider-Man 2‘s thrilling train chase sequence. It demonstrates Spidey’s incredible courage and strength as a hero so well.


1. Underoos! – Captain America: Civil War

This was the moment we had all been waiting for – Spider-Man to come face to face with the Avengers! Swooping down while holding Cap’s shield was the perfect entrance into the MCU for Marvel’s most popular hero. Let’s hope Spider-Man: Homecoming lives up to his appearance in Civil War.


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