Doctor Who: 5 Things We Want To See In Season 11

As we prepare for the Thirteenth Doctor’s arrival, here are some things we’d like to see for this new era in the TARDIS…


By Maisie Williams


More Than One Companion

Some of the most exciting and interesting moments on the TARDIS have involved the Doctor having more than one companion travelling with them at a time. The Ninth Doctor and Rose’s adventures became camper and funnier once Captain Jack came on board, and the family-like dynamic the Eleventh Doctor had with Amy and Rory was one of the most loveable seen in the revived series. For the Thirteenth Doctor’s time on the TARDIS, it’d be exciting to see her engage with more than one companion at once. Plus, having two companions leads to them having more stories as they engage with one another without the Doctor, and also helps to flesh them out as individual characters.


A Companion(s) NOT From The Modern Day

Throughout the revived series of Doctor Who all the full-time companions to date have been from the present day. Whilst each new companion since 2005 has been interesting and unique in their own ways, the fact that each of them come from modern day Britain (mostly London), is beginning to wear a little tiresome and predictable after twelve years.

Whilst some might argue that this has been done so that the companion operates as an audience proxy, to help new viewers engage with these characters better by finding them relatable, the fact they all come from the same time period and/or city doesn’t necessarily do this for everyone. With all of time and space to explore it’d be interesting for the Doctor to finally get back to having companions from different planets, times and places.


The Doctor Directly Experiencing Sexism

Many have argued since it was revealed that the Doctor was to regenerate into a woman, that the dynamics of the show shouldn’t change as the Doctor would still essentially be the same character, therefore the show’s writers shouldn’t approach writing her in any drastically different ways. That said, it’d still be interesting for them to now take the opportunity to explore the Doctor herself experiencing sexism first-hand.

Whilst previous companions such as Martha and Bill have made comments about being Black women when travelling with the Doctor, such as Martha’s realistic worry of being “carted off as a slave” in Shakespearean England, it’d be interesting to see the Doctor herself face new limitations when it comes to societal prejudices. Not only will doing this make the new Doctor perhaps more relatable to some female viewers but also allow the Doctor to work against those prejudices to prove others (and some of the more critical fans) wrong.


More Adventures With Historical Figures

Some of the Doctor’s most enjoyable and memorable adventures in recent years have involved the appearances of real world historical figures, notably being Winston Churchill, Vincent Van Gogh and William Shakespeare. None, however, appeared in the most recent series. Besides some rather forgettable roman soldiers, it has admittedly been a while since the Doctor and their companions dabbled with a notable historical protagonist or antagonist. There are still plenty of well-known politicians, authors, kings and queens that we have yet to see the Doctor meet, and the prospect of her meeting some of these characters is both rather exciting and intriguing.


More Time Lords

Since the 50th Anniversary episode ‘The Day of the Doctor’ spectacularly brought back the Time Lords and their home planet of Gallifrey four years ago, we have yet to see this major shift explored all that much. Besides, that is, this element of the show being the backdrop for the series nine finale ‘Hell Bent’, when Time Lord technology was used to rescue Clara from her death. As the Doctor regenerates into a woman it opens up more interesting questions about Time Lord capabilities and their society.

It would also be a lot of fun to see the Thirteenth Doctor now engage with Missy. Whilst this is rather a long shot as Missy has only recently departed, actress Michelle Gomez has stated that she is already open to the prospect of returning at a later date. This isn’t a too far-flung possibility either as John Simm returned seven years since last playing his version of the character. If Missy did, however, return during Whittaker’s run, it’d be fantastic to see these two brilliant actresses share scenes together. Imagine Missy’s reaction to finding out the Doctor has become a woman now too…

Doctor Who returns for its Christmas special ‘Twice Upon a Time’ on BBC1, Christmas Day.


What are some things you’d like to see in series 11 and are you excited to meet the Thirteenth Doctor?

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