Doctor Who: Who Is The Best Modern Doctor?

We asked our fans to vote for their favourite modern incarnation of the Doctor. Check out the results…


4) Christopher Eccleston – 14%

Seeing as the Ninth Doctor only lasted for one single season, it is not surprising that he comes bottom in our poll. However, it is surely thanks to Christopher Eccleston’s terrific performance in the part – a radically different take on the Time Lord who is haunted by his experiences in the Time War – that he managed to gather the support that he did. 14% is by no means a shabby score, as it is only 6% below our number three…


3) Peter Capaldi – 20%

It’s no secret that Peter Capaldi’s time in the TARDIS hasn’t won over every fan – while his last season was viewed by many as a return to form, the Twelfth Doctor’s first two seasons had more of a mixed reception – perhaps due to the darker portrayal of the Doctor. That said, Peter Capaldi has always delivered a top-notch performance in the role and is the favourite Doctor of a fifth of fans who voted.


2) Matt Smith – 28%

It could have been difficult for Matt Smith to win over fans back when he first donned his bow tie back in 2010 – he was following on from the massively popular David Tennant and was the youngest ever actor to play the Doctor. However, he totally nailed the role, playing the Eleventh Doctor as an absent-minded professor in a young man’s body. 8% above Peter Capaldi, he very comfortably managed 2nd position in our poll – but could not budge the following from first place…


1) David Tennant – 38%

Yes, who else could take the top spot in our poll? A whole 10% above Matt Smith is David Tennant AKA the Tenth Doctor. Holding the role from Christmas Day 2005 all the way until New Years Day 2010, Tennant is effectively the Tom Baker of Doctor Who‘s modern era – the version of the character that most people on the street would know about and say is their favourite. And for good reason, too. A tragic, hilarious, charming, genius, romantic hero, the Tenth Doctor had it all.


Bonus: What Do Fans Think of Jodie Whittaker?

In addition to asking you about your favourite Doctor, we also polled our fans for their reactions to Jodie Whittaker’s casting as the Thirteenth Doctor. Check out the results below:

15% – Terrible Casting

20% – Let’s See How It Goes…

65% – Yes, Very Happy!

While 15% were not pleased, and another 20% were on the fence, thankfully a clear majority of 65% are overjoyed by the Doctor now being a woman for the first time in the show’s 54 year history.


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