20 Greatest Episodes of Batman: The Animated Series

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the amazing Batman: The Animated Series – so let’s relive its 20 best ever episodes…


20. On Leather Wings

BTAS’ first ever episode is a terrific mission statement for how the series went on. It’s serious, moody with a neat plot about Batman being framed by a monstrous Manbat terorrising Gotham.


19. The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne

Dr Hugo Strange discovers Batman’s secret identity – and aims to sell it to the Dark Knight’s greatest enemies. This episode marks Strange’s sole appearance in BTAS, with some fun cameos.


18. The Laughing Fish

One of many BTAS episodes based on classic comic book stories, this is a fun installment which sees the Joker poison the fish of Gotham with his Joker venom in a bizarre copyright scheme.


17. Mad as a Hatter

Planet of the Apes‘ Roddy McDowell stars as the pathetic but also kind of creepy Lewis Carrol-loving Jervis Tetch who is in love with his secretary Alice in another top-notch origins story.


16. Nothing To Fear

Scarecrow debuts in an episode which pits Batman against his greatest fears. Most famous for originating the famous phrase: “I am vengeance, I am the night… I am BATMAN!”




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