20 Greatest Episodes of Batman: The Animated Series

10. The Man Who Killed Batman

Where Gotham’s meanest have failed, one small time crook manages to do the impossible and kill the Batman! A brilliant look at Gotham’s underworld from the inside. The highlight is Joker’s eulogy to his fallen enemy.


9. Over the Edge

A brilliantly shocking and thrilling episode as Batman’s life unravels after a terrible tragedy. To say any more would be to spoil this twisty-turny treat. It’s still thrilling even on a rewatch.


8. Harley and Ivy

The beginning of the fan favourite friendship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy begins. Proof that BTAS‘s original depiction of Harley and her relationships can’t be beaten.


7. Beware the Gray Ghost

Adam West guest stars in an episode that sees Batman team up with his childhood idol, TV superhero the Gray Ghost. A wonderful tip of the hat to a Batman of the past.


6. Mad Love

After years of seeing Harley at the Joker’s side, we finally discover her origins as a psychiatrist who was corrupted by the Joker. An iconic episode that has become part of DC lore.




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