20 Greatest Episodes of Batman: The Animated Series

15. Feat of Clay

Clayface is one of the many lower-level villains that BTAS enhances into an engaging character. In his two-part debut, we see what turned actor Matt Haig into the tragic gloopy monster.


14. Joker’s Favor

One of those brilliant BTAS episodes that give us a different perspective. An innocent bystander ends up owing the Joker “a small favour” – that will turn his life upside down. Also, the first appearance of Harley Quinn!


13. Legends of the Dark Knight

A great anthology episode as a group of kids recall three times they encountered Batman. An awesome love letter to various incarnations of Batman across his history with some fun alternate animation styles.


12. Harlequinade

In order to stop Joker from destroying Gotham, Batman has to team up with Harley Quinn! One of the first that depicted the Joker’s moll as an anti-hero – and rarely bettered.


11. Trial

Batman’s assembled enemies kidnap the Dark Knight and hold him on trial at Arkham Asylum. Very entertaining take on the old question: “Did Batman create his own villains?”



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