20 Greatest Episodes of Batman: The Animated Series

5. Robin’s Reckoning

Dick Grayson tracks down his parents’ murderer in a really dramatic two-part storyline that puts the spotlight on Robin’s trauma for once and shows how he and Bruce are very alike.


4. Perchance to Dream

Bruce Wayne wakes up in a world where his parents are alive, he is engaged to Selina Kyle and someone else is Batman! A great version of the old “For The Man Who Has Everything” plot.


3. Heart of Ice

The episode that reinvented a B-list villain into one of the most tragic characters in the whole Bat-mythos. Beautiful animation and writing that really makes you feel for Freeze.


2. Two-Face

Two-Face is my second favourite Batman villain (I don’t need to tell you who’s top) and this two-parter (obviously) is a pitch-perfect origin story, enhanced by Dent being set-up in previous episodes.


1. Almost Got ‘Im

We love Batman, but the best thing about BTAS has to be the Rogues gallery. An episode from their perspective – as a bunch of villains discuss how they almost killed Batman over a card game – was always going to be a classic, then. Witty, clever and with a killer twist, too.

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