NEWS FLASH: First Images Of David Harbour In Hellboy Reboot

Get your first look at Stranger Things star David Harbour in costume for the upcoming Hellboy reboot…


First, this full-colour, full-body shot of the new, improved Hellboy arrived…

Followed by this black and white image featuring Hellboy in his signature trenchcoat.

For comparison purposes, here’s Ron Perlman’s version, as seen in 2004’s Hellboy and 2008’s Hellboy: The Golden Army. 

It’s fair to say that, while very similar, the new Hellboy design has improved on the original in just about every way. The skin looks more realistic, thanks to the added texture, veins and the less overtly red tone, and the face is more demonic and inhuman. With his scragglier hair, Harbour’s Hellboy is also less kempt-looking than Perlman’s. Overall, the new Hellboy perfectly lives up to what we have heard about this reboot – that it would take the character down more of a horror movie monster route than in Guillermo del Toro’s films.

Personally, this is beginning to change my mind about this reboot. As a fan of the original films, I was not expecting the new movie to top them, but this design shows that the filmmakers are putting a lot of care into this and have a clear vision for what they are doing.

Let’s hope that carries over to the finished film when it arrives in 2018.


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