Review: My Hero Academia Ep. 31 – The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain

While Midoriya, Todoroki and Iida have defeated the fearsome Hero Killer Stain, they soon realize that their actions have rippled across society.


Before going any further, apologies for the delay in reviews. I really need to work on my time management skills. Regardless, while Crunchyroll aired the original Japanese version two weeks ago, Funimation had only just aired this episode this past Saturday so for those who watch the English dub this is timely. In any case, I plan to catch up with the latest episode, so without more delays, here is the review.

This episode, as its title suggests, shows the aftermath of Stain’s capture which affects the general public, pro heroes and most importantly villains. For Midoriya, Todoroki and Iida, while their actions led to capture of the infamous Hero Killer, they did so without having a pro license. It is explained by the dog-headed Chief of Police, Kenji Tsuragamae, that these rules are in place to prevent the abuse of power since many quirks have the potential to kill if not controlled properly and there are punishments when these rules are broken.

I do understand the sentiment behind regulation since it guarantees the people who are licensed are have gone through the right training in order to use their quirks effectively so they don’t accidentally kill someone while they are doing their job. However, I still agree with Shoto Todoroki when he said if they did nothing at minimum the Pro Hero Native would not even be alive. Admittedly Iida should have alerted his internship mentor Manuel instead of charging in with a mission of revenge but at least he distracted Stain from killing Native.

However, since there were few witnesses, the Chief of Police said their involvement will not be released to the press which means they will not be expelled from school. Endeavor will take the credit which accounts for the burn injuries that Todoroki inflicted during their fight with the villain. I do appreciate that Chief Tsuragamae does close by saying that, while the general public will not know of their bravery in this, he can at least thank them for it.

However, it is in Gran Torino’s conversation with All Might that the signifgance of Stain’s capture becomes apparent. After his arrest, Stain’s ideolgy and background gain a public platform leading many people diasatifed with the system to join the League of Villians. This demonstrates that connecting Stain with the League of Villians was intentional and that one responsible is none other than Shigaraki’s master known simply as “All for One” who was alluded to both in the first season as well as this season.

This episode was interesting to watch for the clarification it gave about Pro Hero regulation, the impact that Stain’s arrest had on the general public, and the name drop of the major bad guy of the series. However it does feel like the momentum the series had build up has momentarily stalled. I am sure it is just the quiet before the storm, but I think they could sped up some of the events a little bit more than they did. In any case it was good episode as we wait for the final arc of the season pick up.




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