Kim Possible’s Top 15 Villains

5. Gill

Real Name: Gil Moss

Gimmicks: Amphibious mutant

Gill Moss was Ron Stoppable’s boyhood bully who was mutated into a fish monster due to swimming in the toxic lake at Camp Wannaweep. He blames Ron for his mutation and will stop at nothing to get his revenge.


4. Senor Senior Snr and Senor Senior Jnr

Real names: N/A

Gimmicks: Incredible wealth, love of supervillain cliches

SSS and his dim-witted son SSJ are initially bored billionaires but are unwittingly encouraged to become supervillains by Ron. The pair repeatedly try (and usually) fail to get recognised as evil criminals. SSS is voiced by Star Trek‘s KHAN himself Ricardo Montalban.


3. Monkey Fist

Real Name: Lord Monty Fisk

Gimmicks: Love of monkeys, martial arts, mystic arts

Monty Fisk is a follower of the ancient mystical martial art of Monkey Kung Fu, to the extent that he augmented himself to have simian limbs. He and Ron share a hatred due to Ron’s fear of monkeys.


2. Dr Drakken

Real Name: Drew Lipsky

Gimmicks: Mad scientist, quest for world domination

By far the most frequently featured villain on the series, Dr Drakken seems to have a new plan to take over the world every week… but he is always foiled by Kim. He’s a bit inept, then, but you can’t fault his ambition. Futurama fans might be interested to know that Drakken is voiced by Bender himself John DiMaggio.


1. Shego

Real Name: N/A

Gimmicks: Green energy generation, excellent fighter

Drakken might claim to be Kim’s arch-nemesis but it is really his sidekick Shego who is the teen spy’s most dangerous foe. Unlike her boss, Shego is actually competent and she can easily match Kim in a fight – check out A Sitch In Time to see what Shego can do at her worst. The character’s sharp tongue and badass attitude have made her a firm fan favourite.

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