15 Most Powerful Women In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

In honour of International Women’s Day – and Jessica Jones season 2 landing on Netflix – let’s rank the most powerful women in the whole of the MCU…


15. Claire Temple

Before we get started on the most physically powerful women in the franchise, let’s not forget about the power to heal. Nurse Claire Temple has proven herself to be a Macgyver of medical practitioners as she has successfully managed to save many lives in the midst of dire situations with whatever instruments are to hand – several of those lives have even been superheroes.


14. Colleen Wing

Her boyfriend Danny Rand is the immortal Iron Fist, but let’s not forget that Colleen Wing is a hugely impressive martial artist in her own right. Raised by the Hand, Colleen eventually broke away from the evil organisation and now trains others from her dojo in New York. She was strong enough to fight alongside the Defenders and save the city.


13. Agent Carter

First of all, yes, Peggy Carter is very physically capable as we have seen her take down many crooks in her time, but she’s also just an all-round super-spy – highly-intelligent, resourceful and brave. As the co-founder of SHIELD, alongside Howard Stark, she is very influential in the Marvel world. A shout-out should be made to her niece Sharon who has inherited many of Peggy’s skills.


12. Melinda May & Daisy “Quake” Johnson

The big guns on Phil Coulson’s team are these two highly-capable women. First of all, Daisy Johnson is not just a trained SHIELD agent (and expert hacker), she is also an Inhuman with vibration manipulation powers. Melinda May, meanwhile, isn’t super-powered but has amassed some formidable skills over her time as a spy – including becoming a master pilot, martial artist and is in all-round peak physical condition.


11. Elektra Natchios

It’s tricky to rank Elektra. First of all, she is a highly-trained martial artist working with the Chaste. After dying and being resurrected by the Hand, however, she is known as the Black Sky – a super-powerful weapon. In this state, she possessed enhanced strength, durability, senses and even speed. The extent of her abilities is not fully explored, however.




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