15 Most Powerful Women In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

5. Jessica Jones

After being experimented on by the mysterious IGH, Jessica Jones was granted superhuman abilities including enhanced strength, durability and even flight – though she hasn’t totally mastered this yet. What Jessica lacks in formal combat training, she makes up for in sheer power. After being ordered to murder someone, she also became the first known person to resist Kilgrave’s mental control.


4. Lady Sif

As an Asgardian, Sif is so much more powerful than a human being that she verges on godhood. Not only is she over a thousand years old, Sif possesses incredible strength, stamina and agility and much more. She is even more adept than most Asgardians, though, as she is one of the royal family’s fiercest warriors and has held her own against many fearsome foes.


3. The Ancient One

As the Sorcerer Supreme, the Ancient One is the most powerful master of the mystic arts in the world. Her origins shrouded in mystery, she is centuries old and has become an expert in various forms of sorcery – including astral projection, teleportation, even interdimensional travel. Though she kept this a secret from her students, she also drew energy from the Dark Dimension to make herself even more powerful.


2. Scarlet Witch

Gifted powers when HYDRA experimented on her and her brother, Wanda Maximoff has various psionic abilities – including energy blasts, force-fields, telekinesis, levitation and, most potently, telepathy and mental manipulation. There’s also the implication that Wanda has only just began to understand her powers. Seeing as her gifts derive from one of the Infinity Stones, there is no telling what her limits are.


1. Hela

It’s tough to pick the most powerful woman in the MCU but there’s a good case to be made that it’s Hela. the Asgardian Goddess of Death. As well as all the usual Asgardian abilties, Hela seems to have a supernatural connection to her own homeworld which increases her own power. She is able to generate offensive weapons, e.g. Necroswords, from nowhere and is able to not only lift Mjolnir but destroy it. With the Eternal Flame, she can also live up to her name and resurrect the dead.


Note: Captain Marvel and Hope Van Dyne’s Wasp no doubt deserve to be in this list but we’re just looking at the released items in the MCU for now.


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