Parks And Recreation’s Top 30 Episodes (Part One)

Lil Sebastian (3.16)

A fantastic finale that brings the season-long storyline to a close, as Leslie hosts a memorial service for Pawnee’s favourite mini-horse, Li’l Sebastian. Some great teases for the season ahead – as well as Mouse Rat’s most famous song, “Bye Bye, Li’l Sebastian.” EVERYBODY SING IT NOW!


Ron and Tammys (4.2)

Leslie and co battle for Ron’s soul (again) as he falls under the influence of the cruel ice queen Tammy One, who’s even worse than Tammy Two! Only Ron’s mother (also called Tammy) can help them. Seeing Ron acting perky and WITHOUT A MOUSTACHE is just plain disturbing.


End of the World (4.6)

Some crackpot Pawnee cult says the apocalypse is coming – which causes Leslie to think of what she really wants in life. An important Leslie and Ben episode, but my favourite part has to be Andy and April’s reckless road trip to the Grand Canyon (“where are all the presidents?”).


The Debate (4.20)

As the election for city councillor intensifies, Leslie goes head to head with Paul Rudd’s delightfully dopey Bobby Newport in a televised debate. One of the best episodes for demonstrating how great a person Leslie Knope is.


Win, Lose Or Draw (4.22)

A fantastic finale for the third season running, as voting day arrives and Pawnee has to choose between Leslie and Bobby for its new city councillor. Spoilers: proving that P&R is pure fantasy, the capable female candidate is elected over the idiot rich businessman.


Watch out for part two of our countdown of the best of Parks & Recreation.

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