Parks And Recreation’s Top 30 Episodes (Part Two)

We continue our rundown of the best episodes of Parks & Recreation. Here are the highlights of seasons 5-7…


Halloween Surprise (5.5)

Jerry has a heart attack after the gang accidentally scare him on Halloween, so Leslie whips up some money for his medical bills. it’s always nice when Jerry gets some love but the highlight is the ending – in which Ben returns from Washington… and proposes to Leslie!


Ron And Diane (5.9)

There’s loads of great character interaction in this one. Tammy Two crashes Ron and Diane’s date – but it’s actually Leslie who messes it up more. Meanwhile, the gang eat humble pie and attend Jerry’s Christmas party – where they meet his bewilderingly beautiful wife Gayle.


Two Parties (5.10)

As Leslie’s elaborate bachelorette party goes awry, the guys go on a crazy combined bachelor party in which Ben, Ron, Andy, Chris, Tom and Jerry each get to pick a dream activity. It’s a classic example of P&R being both funny and feelgood.


Emergency Recovery/Leslie And Ben (5. 14)

A two-part special that sees Leslie and Ben impulsively decide to bring their wedding forward. A textbook example of how P&R is at its best when it throws plot to the wind and just tells a poignant, emotional, funny character-based story.


Bailout (5.16)

The actual A-plot of this episode – in which Leslie bails out a local DVD store – isn’t particularly outstanding, but the B-plot in which Ann tries to force April into being friends with her is hilarious. Their “Time After Time” duet is one of the show’s best musical moments.



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