Parks And Recreation’s Top 30 Episodes (Part Two)

2017 (7.1)

Parks final season zooms forward three years and catches up with our heroes in the space year of 2017. Everything has changed as the gang has broken up into two opposing sides. Meanwhile, Andy and April realise to their horror that they are now boring, responsible adults.


Leslie and Ron (7.4)

As the gang lock Leslie and Ron in the old Parks department office in order for them to work through their differences, the truth of what really caused the duo’s dispute is revealed. An ambitious bottle episode for the show results in one of its most moving moments.


Donna and Joe (7.7)

This isn’t the most emotional of P&R‘s weddings but everyone is so goddamn sweet in it it’s still adorable. April turns out to be a caring maid of honor, Ron tries to fix Tom and Lucy’s relationship and Jerry/Larry/Terry/Barry finally gets called by his real name: Garry!


The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show (7.10)

A whole episode dedicated to Andy Dwyer’s fast-paced, crazy kids show which doubles up as a celebration of Chris Pratt’s loveable goofball and everything he’s been through. It’s as silly as P&R has ever been – but then it gives us a lump in our throat as Andy and April have a heart-to-heart.


One Last Ride (Parts One & Two)

As the gang go their separate ways, Parks & Rec‘s two-part series finale serves up a series of vignettes which give each of the characters their own happy ending. The result is a smart, well-crafted, hilarious, perfect wrap-up of the series that is sure to leave you an emotional wreck.

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