6 Heroes Who Could Form an Arrowverse Justice League

Could we be about to see a TV version of DC’s Justice League? If so, here are the heroes who could feature in it…


The so-called Arrowverse, spearheaded by multi-showrunner Greg Berlanti, is going from strength to strength. In contrast to DC’s movie line-up, their TV universe has taken its time to expand its world and its cast of characters. Right now, the ‘verse includes Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, animated series Vixen and the newly-welcomed Supergirl, which has just crossed networks. With so many heroes running around, surely some sort of all-star team up is being considered. Let’s have a look at who it could include.


Green Arrow


The big obstacle in forming a TV Justice League is that the films have claimed the group’s three major members – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. That’s no problem, though – they have enough strong heroes as it is. All they have to do is replace the big three with suitable stand-ins. The Batman of this group would, of course, be that other billionaire-cum-vigilante Green Arrow.




And who would be the Superman counterpart? Why, his Kryptonian cousin Kara Danvers, naturally. She has even already met the Flash. The CW have confirmed that, now Supergirl airs on the same network as the other three shows, there will be a major four-way crossover next season. Surely this is the perfect way to begin a fully-fledged Justice League?


The Flash


The handy thing about the Flash is that he is already a renowned member of the Justice League so he doesn’t have to stand in for someone else. In fact, the Flash is unique in that we have two Barry Allens running around, with Grant Gustin on TV and Ezra Miller in the movies. DC’s TV people really need to use this to their advantage and create their own Justice League around him.



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