6 Heroes Who Could Form an Arrowverse Justice League

Martian Manhunter


Another long-running Justice Leaguer who has slipped through the net into TV is Martian Manhunter. Usually a founding member of the team, filmmakers were not interested in the last man from Mars so Supergirl found a use for him instead. So now that Kara is on The CW, she will surely bring J’onn J’onzz with her. Every superhero team needs a shapeshifting alien on board.



vixen-arrow-0d66a_0 (1)

As said above, Vixen originally starred in her own animated series, which was confirmed to take place in the Arrowverse, before appearing in live-action for an episode of Arrow’s fourth season. Now that she is properly in that world, Vixen – who can mimic the ability of any animal who has ever lived – deserves to team up with DC TV’s other leading men and ladies.




Finally, rounding out the team – for now – would be Cisco Ramone AKA Vibe. The character, who has gone from comic relief to super-powered hero in his own right, has been a breakout hit on The Flash so he would probably have to follow these other superheroes into a Justice League-type spin-off series. Because how would they know what to call their enemies without him?


NB: None of the Legends feature on this list as they are already part of a superhero team.


Who else do you think could join these guys for a TV Justice League? Let us know in the comments?

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