Ranking The Flash Main Characters

In time for The Flash season two finale, we’re ranking all the members of Team Flash, from the least good to the best. Warning: contains spoilers…


Jay Garrick


Jay has to come bottom of the list because, you know, he’s evil. All right, the first Wells was evil too, but at least he was interesting when he was pretending to be good. Garrick sadly came across as a bit of a wet blanket. We expected more from the apparent Golden Age Flash.


Jesse Quick


Earth-2 Well’s daughter spent most of season two being a damsel in distress and since she got out of Zoom’s clutches she hasn’t had a whole lot to do (though that will no doubt change soon). You would expect the daughter of the charismatic Wells to have a bit more to her.


Wally West


Wally West had a lot of promise, seeing as he is a beloved character from the comics. Instead he initially came across as a stereotype of a wayward teen. He’s no doubt got a big future on the show and he’s definitely improving, but he has yet to fully win our affections.




9 thoughts on “Ranking The Flash Main Characters

  1. It seems that you like Flash a lot, I can’t blame you, it is a great show. For me, my favourite character is Cisco, he is funny and the pop culture references are priceless !


      1. Nice one! I’m a reader of whatculture, I’ll check out some of your other work there too. I’m actually a content manager over here at moviepilot.com, would you be at all interested in publishing some of your work on our site – it’s all fan generated.


      2. You can do either or, whatever you like! We’re not interested in exclusivity of content, just interested in promoting passionate fans who write interesting stories.


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