Ranking The Flash Main Characters

Eddie Thawne


Eddie turned out to be a hero in the end, when he sacrificed himself to save everyone, but for the rest of season one he was a character he felt tangential to the most interesting parts of the storyline. Rick Cosnett played him likeably enough though.


Ronnie Raymond


Just like Eddie, Ronnie sacrificed himself to save Central City. He just edges a place about Detective Thawne however as he had actual superpowers, what with being one half of Firestorm. Plus he’s played by Stephen Amell’s real-life brother, Robbie.


Henry Allen


Barry’s dad was a likeable purveyor of platitudes in season one, even though season two inexplicably sent him away for a long stretch. He then finally joined up with Team Flash proper – only to go and die. Let’s hope we haven’t seen the last of John Wesley Shipp on the show.



9 thoughts on “Ranking The Flash Main Characters

  1. It seems that you like Flash a lot, I can’t blame you, it is a great show. For me, my favourite character is Cisco, he is funny and the pop culture references are priceless !


      1. Nice one! I’m a reader of whatculture, I’ll check out some of your other work there too. I’m actually a content manager over here at moviepilot.com, would you be at all interested in publishing some of your work on our site – it’s all fan generated.


      2. You can do either or, whatever you like! We’re not interested in exclusivity of content, just interested in promoting passionate fans who write interesting stories.


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