Ranking The Flash Main Characters

Iris West


Iris was initially poorly served on the show for the majority of season one, but things picked up with her character quite considerably this season. Keeping her and Barry apart for most of this run was definitely a good move, as she got to stand on her own two feet as a character.


Caitlin Snow


Poor Caitlin. First Ronnie, then Jay. That woman really does have terrible taste in romantic partners. Sadly, that and her connection to evil doppelganger Killer Frost seem to be the only things that define the character, as she is currently the most underused Team Flash member.


Joe West


What a guy Joe is. No matter what happens – be it time travel or parallel universes or long lost sons – Joe West takes it all on the chin and is continually a great father figure to Barry, Iris and pretty much anyone on Team Flash. We’d all like Joe for a dad.



9 thoughts on “Ranking The Flash Main Characters

  1. It seems that you like Flash a lot, I can’t blame you, it is a great show. For me, my favourite character is Cisco, he is funny and the pop culture references are priceless !


      1. Nice one! I’m a reader of whatculture, I’ll check out some of your other work there too. I’m actually a content manager over here at moviepilot.com, would you be at all interested in publishing some of your work on our site – it’s all fan generated.


      2. You can do either or, whatever you like! We’re not interested in exclusivity of content, just interested in promoting passionate fans who write interesting stories.


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