Ranking The Flash Main Characters

Harrison Wells


The treatment of Harrison Wells is the most interesting character arc on The Flash. Tom Cavanagh deserves a lot of the credit for making the two iterations of Wells (/Eobard Thawne) distinctly separate characters but both recognizably similar and equally compelling. You never quite know whose side this guy is going to be on.


Cisco Ramon


You gotta love Cisco. At first just the comic relief of the show who filled in the perfunctory role of naming the weekly villains, Cisco has become The Flash’s breakout character – he’s basically a superhero in his own right now as Vibe. Kudos to Carlos Valdes for nailing it in his first on-screen acting role.


Barry Allen


Who else could be top of the list, though, but the Fasted Man Alive? While a big part of the show’s success is its loveable ensemble, the glue that holds it all together is Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Always trying to do the right thing no matter what, Barry is a true hero – and probably the most endearing superhero on TV right now.

9 thoughts on “Ranking The Flash Main Characters

  1. It seems that you like Flash a lot, I can’t blame you, it is a great show. For me, my favourite character is Cisco, he is funny and the pop culture references are priceless !


      1. Nice one! I’m a reader of whatculture, I’ll check out some of your other work there too. I’m actually a content manager over here at moviepilot.com, would you be at all interested in publishing some of your work on our site – it’s all fan generated.


      2. You can do either or, whatever you like! We’re not interested in exclusivity of content, just interested in promoting passionate fans who write interesting stories.


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