Reviewing Smallville (Season One)

We take a look at the first season of the series that showed us the man Clark Kent was before he was super…


The One Where: Teenage Clark Kent discovers he is an alien who crashed into Smallville, Kansas, in a meteor shower – the same event that has caused a lot of weird things to go on in the town. And Clark is the only one who can stop them.


Episode Breakdown: 

1. Pilot

A very strong start. This first monster-of-the-week was a tad rubbish, but all the hints at Clark’s future (“are you man or superman?” “I haven’t decided yet”) more than made up for that. 9/10

2. Metamorphosis

A little less enjoyable than the packed pilot, though there’s improvement in the villain stakes as Bugboy is a creepy, X-Files style monster. Tom Welling really is a great fit for Clark. 7.5/10

3. Hothead

Another decent one, but the series has already fallen into a very rigid formula, hopefully this will be stretched and played with in future. Some great stuff with Lex and his father, though. 7/10

4. X-Ray

Clark finally getting his X-ray vision while a shapeshifting villain (played by Lizzie Caplan) runs amok makes for a lot of fun and drama. Not too keen on Lana’s graduation speech plot. 8.5/10

5. Cool

Finally some character work on Chloe, who has been really underused so far. Plus, Clark and Lana’s will-they-won’t-they plot seems to be going somewhere, which is a good thing. 7.5/10

6. Hourglass

An episode centred on the immutability of fate is a clever idea for a prequel show with a fixed end point. The visions themselves are powerful stuff – particularly Lex’s horrific future. 9/10




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