Reviewing Smallville (Season One)

13. Kinetic

The main plot revolves around Lana’s dull boyfriend Whitney (he falls in with some thieves with phasing abilities) but the best bits are Clark’s first steps into investigative reporting. 7/10

14. Zero

We finally get a glimpse at Lex’s past, as a man he might have killed apparently comes back from the dead. Some nice twists here, plus some interesting hints about Clark’s adoption. 8/10

15. Nicodemus

Episodes where everyone acts out of character are always fun, and ‘Nicodemus’ – where Jonathan, Lana and Pete lose their inhibitions – is a particularly strong one. 8.5/10

16. Stray

The Kents take in a young boy who can tell people’s secrets in a touching episode which proves that Clark would be the best big brother ever. Plus, we learn of Lex’s family tragedy. 8/10

17. Reaper

A surprisingly sensitive episode, which sees a meteor freak euthanizing the sick. Lex’s envy of the Kents is brought to the fore, as he unwittingly comes between Clark and Jonathan. 7/10

18. Drone

A sadly by-the-numbers outing about a girl with bee powers taking out the competition for class president – including Clark. Some fun references are spread throughout, though. 6.5/10



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