Reviewing Smallville (Season One)

19. Crush

Various romantic subplots come to ahead when Chloe dates a telekinetic boy and makes Clark jealous (and Lana jealous of his jealousy). Short on superheroness, big on teen drama. 8/10

20. Obscura

Lana starts seeing visions of Chloe in danger in a suspenseful episode that furthers the Clark/Chloe/Lana love triangle. But what’s that Lex has recovered from the crash site…? 8/10

21. Tempest

The season finally ditches the weekly villain, as various plot threads (Lex and Lionel, Nixon’s investigation into the Kents) come to a head. A fantastic multi-layered cliffhanger, too. 8.5/10


Verdict: Smallville‘s first season takes baby steps in its set-up of Clark’s growth into Superman, with a run of meteor-freak-of-the-week episodes devoid of an overarching story. The result is a season that doesn’t have much in the way of forward momentum, but that’s made up by the fact that the characters are explored more as it goes along. The Clark/Lana (Clana?) romance is actually stronger than it could have been, as we get to know Lana beyond just being Clark’s object of affection. Chloe also grows into a likeable character – but Michael Rosenbaum’s Lex is the standout. The most layered personality on the show, you are never sure whose side he is really on. There is the odd weaker episode or wasted character, like the consistently sidelined Pete, but overall this is an enjoyable opening year of the show. It’s not quite super yet, but it is getting there.

Score: 7.8

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