Reviewing Smallville (Season One)

7. Craving

AKA the one with future Lois Lane Amy Adams! Sadly, it’s a goofy take on a serious issue (eating disorders among teens). There is some nice stuff with Clark and Lana, however. 6/10

8. Jitters

A hostage situation at Luthorcorp makes for a rather staid storyline. More from Lex and his father Lionel is always a good thing, though. We’re starting to get under Lex’s skin now. 7/10

9. Rogue

This one contained some of the most on-the-nose Superman foreshadowing yet, as Clark is blackmailed by a dirty cop. Shame about the underwhelming Chloe/Lana subplot. 8/10

10. Shimmer

Once again the weekly meteor freak – a mysterious invisible (wo)man – is less engaging than Clark’s problems and, in particular, the Lex stuff – this week we learn about his mother. 7.5/10

11. Hug

A businessman with the superpower of persuasion causes trouble for the Kents in an installment with some nice foreshadowing of the future of Clark and Lex’s relationship. 8/10

12. Leech

The ‘powerless hero’ trope is really overused, but this episode is one of the best of them – as Clark’s abilities are accidentally transferred to another kid (X-Men‘s Shawn Ashmore). 9/10



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